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Gift From the Heart 2023 is almost here!

We are so excited to keep the tradition going this year with more free dental cleanings for those who need it most! 

This year we were able to add 3 more appointments! 


Donating What We Wont Use

One of our regular practices here at Aldershot Dental Hygiene, is to donate any products that we have an abundance of to a local community group, so that it can benefit our neighbours in need.   


A Gift From The Heart

On April 6th, 2019 and again on June 26, 2021, Aldershot Dental Hygiene opened our doors and our hearts, to those in need in the Burlington community through Gift from the Heart. By working with Registered Dental Hygienists across Canada, we were honoured to welcome local community members and provide no-cost preventative oral health care services during this event.


Over the last 10 years, Dental Hygienists throughout the country have gifted over $1.2 million in dental hygiene services during Gift From The Heart Events. Our thanks to Mayor Marianne Meed-Ward for proclaiming April 6th, 2019 as Gift From The Heart Day in Burlington! We also want extend our appreciation to Kevin Galbraith, Councilor Ward and Deputy Mayor, and Jane McKenna, Member of Provincial Parliament for Burlington, who visited and celebrated Aldershot with us! 

For more information click here!


Custom Mouth Guards

Mouth (sports) guards protect your teeth, jaw, and gums and are recommended for everyone who takes part in high intensity activities, such as sports, work, hobbies, or any everyday task which possess the risk of a mouth injury. 


*Book for yourself or book your whole team! If interested, we can do a mouth guard clinic and get your whole teams impressions done in one day. Call us for details!  

Aldershot Dental Opening.jpg

Aldershot Dental Hygiene Clinic  Grand Opening 

We would like to express our gratitude to all of our staff and volunteers who made our Grand Opening so special! 

We love to Support Local Businesses!

Aldershot Foot Care Clinic


Click the logo below to check out their website! Tell them you found them here and get 10% off your first appointment.

*some restrictions apply.

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